Fat Stacks Link “Attraction” Service

It all began as a content experiment

Not too long ago, I discovered content gaps in several niches in which I publish.  What I mean by content gap is that I discovered a particular type and topic of content not published anywhere on the web.

I jumped on it and published a bunch of content covering those gaps.  I continue to publish this type of content across my niche blogs.

It was excellent content.  It was different.  It was liked by visitors.  It had decent search volume.  From a content perspective, it was a winner.

What I didn’t count on though, was that it would also be a link magnate.

It turned out this new type of content attracts links from good sites.  Often promotion is needed, but that’s okay.  I don’t mind promoting if it gets results.

And by results, I’m not talking links from mediocre websites.  I’m talking links from news websites that have traffic and are a going concern.  While the DA varies, the fact that these are real sites with real traffic linking to a different kind of content, made this new approach to content a solid winner.

The great thing is it’s scalable, meaning I can publish this “content angle” in any niche and there really is no limit to the number of posts and potential links from great sites.

Having ironed out the content process and link attraction I decided to roll this out as a link attraction service … because it works in any niche and for pretty much any type of site.

Below you’ll find the basic information about this type of link attraction and my service.

What types of links are these?

The links that I’ve been able to attract with this content angle are primarily from established, real news websites.  Sometimes it’s niche blogs, but mostly it’s news sites.  These are high quality websites with real traffic.

Is it White Hat SEO?

Strictly speaking, any effort to increase rankings is not something Google likes.  Our process is as follows (you decide if it falls within your risk threshold):

Step 1: We research and publish a very specific type of link-worthy content on your website/blog.

Step 2: We promote the link-worthy content via outreach to ultimately get real news websites to link to the link-worthy content.

It’s a fairly natural process, but obviously it’s being done to increase rankings.

This is not guest posting or getting links on private blog networks.  We do not pay for links or enter into any reciprocal scheme.  We simply publish link-worthy content on your site and attract links.

Are the links dofollow?

Yes, the links are dofollow.

How is this different than guest posting links?

This is in no way intended to diminish guest posting.  Guest posting is great as well.  

However, this link attraction process is different from guest posts in that the content linking to your site does not include a byline.  Your link is in the content.  In other words, the content linking to your site is not meant to be promotional; instead it’s an editorial link based on the enhanced content on your site.

Are the links niche relevant?

Not necessarily.  The links are from news sites, which are fairly broad in topic.  However, when possible, we try to get links from related sites topically.

How much does the service cost?

Given this link attraction process requires research, excellent content and outreach, it’s fairly labor intensive.  It’s not cheap.  But, the links are outstanding; not only that, you also get enhanced content.

The cost is $399 USD per link.

Me and my team take care of everything including the research, writing, placing the content on your site and the outreach (which we do until we attract a link).

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, there is a 3 link minimum order.  I have this for two reasons.

First, we do plenty of up-front research and set up and so we need to have a commitment of at least 3 links.

Second, one link isn’t going to do very much for most websites.  Therefore, in order to actually help clients, we want to actually help which requires more than just one link.

How long does it take to get the links?

Give us 2 to 4 weeks to fulfill the order.

What is the refund policy?

There is no refund available given the amount of work that goes into each order.

Is there a recurring cost?

No. We don’t charge monthly fees to keep the links.  Once built, they stay.  This is not a link rental arrangement.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Not at this time.  We’re priced as lean as possible while still being able to offer the service.  Each link is labor intensive and so bulk order discounts are not possible.

Do we guarantee rankings?

No. That’s impossible to do in SEO.  We can merely help you get the best links possible in the most natural way possible (content-centric).  The potential of success depends on many other factors including how competitive your keywords are, your on-site SEO, other links you’ve attracted and many other factors.

How to place an order?

Fill in the form below.  Once submitted, we will email you an invoice via Paypal (which you can pay with credit card or Paypal).  

Once paid, we start your order (and may have a few additional questions to ensure we deliver on what you need).

IMPORTANT:  Please note that part of our link attraction process includes adding a specific type of content to your site, either as a stand-alone post or added to existing content.  This is necessary so please keep this in mind.  The content is incredibly well researched and very well written… after all, the content is the backbone of attracting links.

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