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I doubled affiliate clicks overnight. Here’s how…

What’s just as much fun as getting more traffic?

Earning more money from existing traffic.

Actually, I prefer more traffic, but I’ll take more money from existing traffic.

I’m sure you would too. Who wouldn’t?

If making more money from existing traffic sounds like a good deal, you’ll like this gem of a newsletter edition.

The starting point for everything I set out below is based on ConvertBox.

Right now you can get ConvertBox for one lifetime price. This means you pay once and use it forever. CB says it’s switching to monthly pricing in the future, so grab this now.

It’s an unbelievable deal given just how effective it is at generating affiliate revenue (and attracting email subs).

I want to focus this email on maxing out affiliate clicks using ConvertBox.

Recently, I wrote about how you can use ConvertBox to quickly test various affiliate offers on your site. I’m doing that constantly. I’m testing dozens across many sites.

Once you find a winner, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Fortunately, it’s so easy to do.

Most of my pop up affiliate offers with ConvertBox are exit pops. As visitors leave, a big popup courtesy of ConvertBox shows up promoting a RELEVANT offer.

Here’s how you create exit-intent boxes with ConvertBox:

Then choose “Page Abadonoment” as follows:

Here’s how I more than doubled clicks on these pop-ups:

What I do is use the “Full Page” screen instead of the smaller Center Modal, Sticky Bar or Callout Modal. When creating your ConvertBox choose “Full Page” as follows.

I’ve also noticed I usually get better results when I include an image with text (compared to text-only).

Here are 3 of many split-testing results where the Full Page type annihilated the “Center Modal” box:

Results #1

Results #2:

Results #3

How to change ConvertBox type quickly

Fortunately, you don’t have to create new boxes from scratch. You can convert any type to another type with a click of a button.

But first…

While my results clearly demonstrate the full page (or full screen) is best, I suggest split testing for yourself.

To do this quickly, clone your existing box. Then convert the cloned to full screen. It takes only seconds.

Here’s how to clone an existing box:

Now it’s time to get surgical

I mentioned that I created dozens of these exit pop full page promotions.

The reason I created so many is I target each one to specific visitors.

The way I target is via categories and tags.

With CB you can specify that forms pop up only on pages with a specific category and/or tag. You can exclude specific categories and tags as well.

You specify categories and tags under the “Display” tab as follows:

And this is yet another reason why meticulously tagging and categorizing your content is so important. You can use it to surgically promote affiliate offers to your visitors.

For example. Suppose you publish a shoe website.

Your categories are Women, Men and Kids.

You publish content covering dress shoes, casual shoes and shoes for all kinds of sports/fitness.

If you don’t tag your high heels pop-up promotion will display to women reading sport/fitness shoe articles. There’s no alignment. Your click-through rate (CRO) will suffer.

However, if you apply the following tags: High heels, Running, Boots, Clogs, Sandals, Basketball, Loafers, etc. you can then show “High Heels” affiliate offers to visitors reading the women category content tagged with “High heels”.

I’m a big believer in properly tagging for other reasons as well.

wrote an in-depth tagging article here.

For years I didn’t bother with tagging. It was an oversight. I believe it’s an underused tool. Moreover, I believe many websites go about it all wrong (as in they don’t have a clear tagging system).

But, before you can take advantage of all of the above, you need ConvertBox.

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My Pick

Right now you can get lifetime access to ConvertBox. Pay once. Use forever. Don't hesitate. It's a no-brainer given what this software can do.

NOTE: you can upgrade to the 500K page views per month from 250K for a slightly higher price on the checkout page.

This lifetime deal apparently won’t last forever. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made this year. It’s a purchase that just keeps paying for itself EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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