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How to get a Keyword Research 2nd Opinion (You might be very surprised)

Yesterday I told you how I’m getting a third brain involved with keyword research by using Content Refined’s keyword research/content service.

I also have a content strategist who finds topics for my sites.

What’s fascinating is how three different people come up with totally different topics for niche sites.

What’s even more fascinating is how you can leverage those topic ideas.

What do I mean?

It only takes one topic idea to be the foundation for a huge traffic source.

Both Content Refined and my content strategist routinely come up with topics I never would have found because they start with different concepts and approaches.

In many instances, I’ve piggy-backed on ideas for even more topic ideas.

Once I see the concept (seed topic), I can fill it out with 10 to 50 articles. Those 10 to 50 can result in a boatload of traffic.

In legal and medical fields it’s called getting a second and third opinion.

The reason folks get second and third opinions from professionals is to get another brain on the case. A different brain can result in vastly different information and advice.

Same thing with finding topics for your niche sites.

Now that I’ve hired and instructed keyword researchers, here are a few tips on how to instruct them.

1. Don’t pigeon-hole them. You’re paying them to come up with new ideas. If you restrict them inside your niche, you aren’t getting full value. Let their creative and analytical juices flow.

2. Avoid cannibalization. Tell them to check every keyword they come up with in Google adding your site name to the search to ensure it’s not yet covered.

3. If you have topic parameters, tell them. For example, I don’t like “best of” or “product reviews” unless writers do all the product testing. Therefore, I tell them unless they have/use the product, don’t come up with product-oriented topics.

4. If you have search volume and/or keyword difficulty parameters you prefer, tell them. I tell them search volume doesn’t matter as long as it’s an auto-suggested topic but to seek out lower competition keywords.

5. Content variety. Seek out different types of content such as a mix of Q&A, listicles, pillar, tips, etc. I like a variety of article concepts.

What if you can’t afford to hire a keyword researcher?

Just so you know, Content Refined is $.08 per word (with coupon fatstacks) for KW research AND content. That’s not cheap. I like how it’s totally done for me, but I get if you prefer a more economical approach.

Here’s what you can do for topic inspiration that costs nothing.

Ask your friends/family for article ideas. Go to the laypeople (as in folks not involved in blogging/niche sites). Often lay people offer simple solutions to situations where professionals like us complicate them.

Seriously, ask them what topics they would find interesting or that they’d like to know about within your niche.

If you get one good thread from this exercise, it could be a huge series of awesome articles.

The point is to get another brain on the case. A second opinion.


Because we get stuck in our ways. I know I do.

While I have a number of methods for doing keyword research, they still rely on similar processes. Sometimes people come up with clever and/or obscure ideas out of thin air that I never would have dreamed up.

Remember, Google search is a vacuum. For every single search, Google puts something in the top spot.

You might as well oblige Google and fill in the void with spot-on content no other site provides.

Doing this requires different approaches to coming up with topics.

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