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I'm growing traffic and income daily and now it's your turn to succeed with me

What is my coaching about? Here's what I reveal and you gain...

Learn my niche websites (all 7 of them)

Discuss any topic behind the scenes

My Pinterest & SEO traffic strategies

Access to my Slack group

Keyword research

20 weeks live Q&A coaching - ask me anything on live calls.

​Email support

​How you can do it

You'll get access to my elite Slack group where you can ask me anything and everything that will help you reach your dream website.

I Guarantee Excellent Training But Because Of Time There Is No Money Back Guarantee

My blog has been around for 4 years; I'm not going anywhere. 

While I know my training is excellent for growing a niche, my time cannot be refunded so I know you trust me enough to give you the best content and I hope you respect that this is to protect my time as well.  Besides, a significant chunk of the value of my coaching is you learning my niche sites.  Once you know, you know.

THIS ISN'T JUST COACHING - This is guidance, an inside view of my $1,000,000+ blogging business (7 niche sites)

This is your chance to see how you can do the same thing with a former attorney who realized there was more money in the hills of blogging than being chained to an office.

You know it's the right thing for you because we'll treat you the best help to make you as successful as possible in the last amount of time.

Let's Start Right Now...

Sorry, coaching is not currently available

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  I will ask that you provide me your niches before I disclose my websites to you.  In the event you are in the same niche as me, I reserve the right to issue a refund and not disclose my websites.  The reason for this is if you are in the same niche as me there is a conflict of interest that cannot be overcome.  

Also, I do not guarantee results.  I wish I could, but I cannot.  I will give you my best advice and information based on what I do and have done.

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