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SEO Traffic vs. Paid Traffic vs. Organic Social Media Traffic

These days I’m chasing traffic like nobody’s business. Pre-Penguin I focused on organic search traffic. For a couple of years after Penguin, I focused on free social media traffic (Facebook

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10 Tips that Doubled My Google Search Traffic in 7 Months (125K to 242K MONTHLY VISITS)

When I launched my consumer-based niche site, I never set out to build much Google search traffic.  I had no SEO plan whatsoever.  I just cared about paid and social traffic because it was faster and

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A Better Type of Infographic for Improved On-Site SEO, Backlinks & Social Sharing

One thing I’ve learned about publishing image-rich websites is that text still counts for organic search engine rankings. While infographics can be a great content marketing tool for back links and

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Does an SSL Certificate (HTTPS) Help with SEO and Search Rankings? CASE STUDY

UPDATED INFORMATION – APRIL 22, 2015 I have discontinued use of an SSL certificate on my niche sites.  I tested it for about 7 months. The main reason I stopped using it was I had to give up far

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Can Social Media Links Help with SEO and Search Rankings? CASE STUDY

  • November 26, 2014 /
  • By Jon

The debate rages on… Do social media links help with SEO?   Can you rank a web page only with social media backlinks? Short answer:  In my experience, yes, social media links CAN help with SEO

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The Social-SEO Hybrid Blogging Method (for 1 Million Page Views+/Mo.)

Social vs. Search Intended Content In a nutshell, my main blogging method is what I call the Social-SEO Hybrid Method. I guess it’s a way to describe a blog or website that aims for both piles of

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8 Reasons I Don’t Build Private Blog Networks for SEO

In this article, I explain my 6-step formula for getting to 125,000 monthly visits of free Google search engine traffic. One way to look at that achievement is that it’s decent traffic volume for

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How I Get 125,000 Organic Google Search Visits Per Month without Building a Single Backlink (in Under 1 Year)

Please note:  This article pertains to one of my run-of-the-mill niche websites.  The niche has nothing to do with “how to make money online” or “internet marketing”.  The screenshots

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