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Why You Can’t Run Out of Keywords for Your Niche Site

Worrying about running out of keywords in a sizeable niche is like worrying you’ll someday read the entire internet.

More content is published in a day than you’ll read in your entire life.

Likewise, more keyword opportunities arise daily than you could ever cover (if in a sizeable niche).

The operative word is “sizeable” niche.

If your niche is “red and white basketball shoes for folks with chronic back pain” you could realistically run out of keywords.

If you’re in a travel niche, even if focused on a specific country or type of travel, you’ll never run out of keywords.

Can’t think of something to write about, go stay in a hotel you’ve never stayed in and write about it. Go to a park and write about that park. Go have lunch at a local restaurant and write about it.

Yeah, travel niches sure are fun. It’s my retirement project.

Why will you not run out of keywords?

There are many factors. Four that I can think of include:

  • New product categories. Smartwatches is a relatively new product category that most tech sites jumped into. This product line alone gets millions of monthly searches across all keywords.
  • New product models (updates of previous versions),
  • New searches every minute: people spend more and more time online and new searches arise daily. This means new keywords are registered daily in every niche. You just have to find them.
  • New trends arising daily. For example, “selfies” is a relatively new topic that wasn’t around a few short years ago.

The more likely problem is you’ve run out of ideas and approaches for finding new keywords

So the question is “what are new ways to uncover more keywords?

With a little creativity along and the help of Ahrefs, Answerthepublic.com, keywordshitter.com and Search Console, there is no limit to the keywords you can uncover.

A good starting point for some fresh KW research approaches, grab my long tail keyword course (or better yet, grab my entire bundle of courses).

I‘ll toot my own horn and say the methods set out in my long tail keyword course are very, very good. They will open your eyes to creative and different approaches to uncovering great keywordsIve had dozens of readers tell me that course alone made a huge difference.

Starting keyword research with your niche seed words will only get you so far. While it’s worth doing to get the lay of the land, this is only the beginning.

If you don’t mind filtering and sifting through lists of keyword suggestions, you can find amazing keywordsIve spent days sifting and sifting to put together a list of

Don’t forget to look for patterns

My favorite KW strategy is spotting KW patterns. A KW pattern is a phrase that can result in dozens or hundreds of articles in a niche.

An obvious example is the “Review” pattern. Within most niches, you could publish many “X review” articles.

Another example is “How to”. The “how-to” phrase is fodder for thousands and thousands of articles.

These are two obvious examples. I have a list of 30+ pattern phrases I can use in almost any niche. It’s a great starting point to blast out a large of chunk of content quickly.

There’s gold in those “ZERO” monthly searches

Do you have a minimum reported monthly search volume that you filter for?

If it’s higher than ZERO, it’s too high.

I‘m not kidding.

I relish ZERO monthly search volume keywords because dollars to donuts if I publish a great article on that topic, I‘ll get decent traffic to that article.

If a keyword phrase registers as a phrase in Ahrefs, even if 0 search volume, I go after it.

The fact is keyword research tools are not anywhere close to 100% accurate. They serve as a guide.

Moreover, when you write a great article, you don’t just target the one keyword. You “accidentally” cover dozens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords. Add them all up and you can get decent traffic.

When you lower your search volume requirements, you exponentially increase the number of keywords available to you.

For example, in any given niche, there are waaaaaay more keywords with 100 monthly searches than 10,000 monthly searches.

Taking it further, there are way more keywords with 20 monthly searches than 100.

It’s an exponential upward curve the lower the reported monthly search volume.

Tack on related sub-niches

This is one reason I prefer using domains that give me a lot of wiggle room with respect to niche identification.

For example, I‘d rather the domain “shoebaron.com” than “basketballshoebaron.com”. Shoebaron gives me room to write about any shoe I want.

There is no way you could run out of topics to write about if you operate a “shoe” site.

If you happen to exhaust one sub-topic, start another. Then another. Then another. By then, there will be another 1,000 new shoes on the market. In fact, there’s no way you could keep up.

Returning to tech, long-established tech sites delighted in the smartwatch category when this new tech hit the scene. They all jumped on it and now it’s a massive industry providing hundreds (or thousands) of great keywords.

If after all that, you still can’t find new keywords, here’s what you do

Congrats, you have a nice cash cow on your hands.

There’s nothing wrong with a cash cow.

A cash cow is a business or investment that provides steady profit.

You can invest some time/money updating the content to retain traffic, but other than that you can either sell for top dollar or keep it and cash checks.

With a cash cow, you can “retire” and start your fun retirement travel site.

We could all be so lucky.

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