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In this tutorial I’m going to show you all the steps you’ll need to do to learn how to blog quickly. I’ll number it and make it step by step.


1st You’re going to need to need to host the site. Hosting is where your site is located and there are only 2 hosts I recommend.

A. Bluehost: this is great beginners hosting and for everything you need until you are making some money. It also covers the cost of your domain name costs so that saves you $10-$12

B. Kinsta: this is when your site is getting more traffic and need to upgrade. Don’t get this unless you need to so you can save more money when starting out.


2nd You need a domain for people to go to your site. If you do get Bluehost it includes your domain name so you just saved $10-12. (you’ll thank me later)

Now what name should you chose? 2 lines of thinking: 1st is something memorable and the 2nd is something practical or even your name if you want to brand yourself.

I’m more of the mindset to use something memorable, especially if you have good content although if you do consulting your personal name is more than sufficient.


This is too long to cover so I have a free tutorial guide so CLICK HERE
This covers every step you’ll need for WordPress from putting it up to posting your content.


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