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Without question, the Fatstacks email newsletter is one of the best out there. I load up most editions with mountains of very good, useful information on how to launch and grow successful niche sites and blogs.

Almost every time I send an email out (a few times per week), I get replies like this (unsolicited):

How the f*&^ do you see a boring plugin like that, and turn it into an incredible, engaging, story? You are a genius, a true marketer. I love being on your list, but this little bit is next level.  

Keep rocking. You are next level and you’ll bring other people with you.

And this:

“Hello there, I just wanted to say that your emails have been very informative and the way you add and talk about your products and offerings alongside it has been a real eye opener.  

I’m new to the game and even though I’m just prepping for the site data and launch, this has been the only blog website email I read. The rest are unfortunately filled with so much drivel that it’s really hard to go through. Everything from the type of quality content, to the ad network experience, the how to’s, have been just fantastic.  

Your information has been very informative, straight to the point and useful. No email so far has been a waste of my time.  

Thank you very much for everything. I have learnt so much from you and will continue to through your years of experience from your journey. I’m glad you’re sharing it.”

And this:

Your email is brilliant. I literally unfollow everyone after a few emails but I actually look forward to yours!  – RG

And this:

“I’d like to thank you for your email newsletters. I really enjoy the topics you write about and am so glad that I bumped into your blog and happy to be a reader of yours. Keep up the good work!”

And this:

I wanted to say that a day with a FatStacks email is a good day – entertaining and informative! What could be better?

And this:

Jon, Amazing email man! I I am a 5 figure a month publisher doing the SEO game since forever.  

My biggest site has 400 articles and I thought I am doing a pretty lousy job considering the fact that I excel in keyword research 🙂  

Your mailing list is the most interesting one I get in years. Keep it up.

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