AdSense revenue, expense and ROI calculator
Welcome to my Adsense (as well as other ad network) revenue, expenses and ROI calculator.

Simply input the necessary information below and calculate the results.

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The results above are merely approximate. The calculators are built on the following assumptions. Any adjustments in the assumptions obviously impacts projected revenue, expenses and/or ROI.

1. Keyword search volume: You’re likely relying on 3rd party tools for this figure. Chances are it’s not precise and therefore it’s merely an approximation, but that’s the best we have.

4. Link building costs: We make assumptions on the costs to outsource getting the various types of links based on our experience. I assume the costs as follows:

  • Guest posting links (outsourced):
  • $150 USD

  • News site links:
  • $399 USD

  • PBN:
  • $170 per PBN website

  • Link Rentals:
  • $5 USD per month. We apply a cost per link at $70 USD, which is the cost to rent a link for 12 months.

1 keyword only: It’s likely your content will rank for additional keywords, which isn’t considered by this calculator unless you approximate total traffic and derive an average CPC from multiple keywords.

: Chances are you will incur ongoing promotional expenses especially if you rent links and/or use a PBN (hosting, more content). The cost estimates are for one year only. Moreover, you may need to continue building links in subsequent years to maintain top rankings.